About Robb N. Plunder

Robb N. Plunder believes you don’t have to steal ships or rob treasures to be a Pirate.  A Pirate to us is someone who conquers their own unchartered waters; someone who goes against what society deems normal, and finds their own self-treasure.  For the Doctor performing break-through procedures, the Lawyer striving for justice, the Teacher sacrificing long hours to ensure the success of our future, the Entrepreneur giving up everything for a dream of their own, the Athlete sacrificing physical and mental hardships to play the game they love.  

No matter the voyage, “There’s a Pirate in all of us”.

How It All Started…

When most clothing lines originate from a past experience or a need to express creativity through design, Robb N. Plunder is unusually different. Believe it or not, Robb N. Plunder was derived from an actual dream. At first, I thought nothing of waking up in the middle of the night, sweating and thirsty. I figured it was normal reactions from my body, based on my poor decision to go out the night before. As I stood there drinking water from the gallon jug, my mind kept picturing the clothes I was wearing in the dream. So I grabbed a pen and paper and wrote down everything I could remember and went back to bed. I woke the next morning and as I was getting ready for work; I glanced at the notepad I had written on half-asleep, still sitting on my nightstand. It read ‘Robb N. Plunder’ and had a sketch of a shirt with skull and crossbones. I thought to myself, “What in the world was I dreaming about, and who is Robb N. Plunder?!” I couldn’t shake the dream all day. There was something about it that captivated me, and I knew there was a hidden meaning that I couldn’t ignore. I just had to figure out what it was. As I tried and tried to remember new things, more of the dream was coming to light and almost subconsciously triggering other stories in my head. And then it hit me. I finally realized that I wanted to create something that tied modern-day people and their struggles with historic figures who struggled in their time. I decided that what started as an innocent dream needed to be put into reality, and Robb N. Plunder was born.

Thanks for all your Support,